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Hearts & Startups: A Sizzling Dive into 'On or Off' Manhwa Review

Where do I even begin with "On or Off"? This #manhwa is absolutely remarkable!

Our main characters, Yiyoung and Kang Daehyung, are absolutely engaging. Yiyoung is a relatable, hardworking college student trying to establish his startup - which is a goal so many of us can relate to. Then there's Kang Daehyung, a compelling and influential figure at SJ Corporation. From the moment they meet, there's undeniable tension and chemistry.

I was taken by the "office romance" dynamic in this story. The thrill and anticipation when the world of startups collides with the corporate world creates such an engaging narrative. Throw in a dash of romance and the story becomes even more captivating!

The artwork in this manhwa is truly breathtaking. A1's talent shines through every panel. The illustrations are stunning and bring the story to life. The charm of the characters is irresistible, thanks to the exquisite detail in their expressions.

The release of the drama CDs added an exciting new dimension to the story. Hearing the characters come to life enhances the connection to them. I definitely recommend them if you're as immersed in the story as I am!

It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me! Be sure to check out my other reviews here on BLU!


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