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The Duke's Private Tutor - A Thrilling Manhwa Experience

Looking for a new #manhwa Duke's Private Tutor is a must! Jace Walter aced his exam, crushing everyone in his class. Then, the snobby Fred Couper struts over, bragging about working under a noble. In a flashback, Fred offers Jace a servant gig, but he shuts it down and mocks him. Back in the present, Fred gives Jace a last chance to shine his shoes. Jace plays along, polishes the shoe, and snarks at him. Three years later, Jace is jobless, facing rumors about being gay. His buddy Jin hands him info on being the Duke's Private Tutor. Jace applies, stoked for the opportunity.

The Duke's Private Tutor

The art style is incredibly cool, with vibrant colors and detail to character design. The story itself is compelling, with intense moments and a clash of personalities. Each panel will definitely have you wanting more! The couple is also really cute!

The Duke's Private Tutor

Without any spoilers, this story is an interesting one. Be sure to check out Duke's Private Tutor!


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