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"Happy Ending" (2024) - Boys Love Review

"Happy Ending," a short film released in a three-part mini-series format on Strongberry's YouTube channel, delves into the bittersweet tang of nostalgia and unrequited love. Set within the quaint confines of a bookstore, bookstore owner Hyun rediscovers his high school diary and the emotions and memories of his unexpressed feelings for his childhood friend, Dongho.

"Happy Ending" (2024) Review

Engaging Elements

The film's charm primarily stems from the scuffle over the diary, a scene that not only engages but encapsulates the emotional weight of the diary itself—playful yet laden with unspoken truths. This, paired with the realistic vibe of the film, which is significantly bolstered by the authentic setting and detailed backdrop, crafts an atmosphere that feels genuinely relatable. The high production value of "Happy Ending" further enhances this effect, lending a polished look to the brief narrative.

Challenges in Execution

However, the film starts on a somewhat ambiguous note, as it withholds the main character's face, an artistic choice that, while intriguing, can make it difficult for viewers to connect with Hyun immediately. Additionally, the pacing and release format of the series—three short episodes released weekly—may not serve the story well, potentially causing viewers to feel disconnected from the narrative's flow.

Conclusion and Open Ending

The film culminates in an open-ended conclusion, offering contradictory clues that leave the ending up to interpretation. This ambiguity, although a fertile ground for discussion, may leave some viewers craving a more concrete resolution. The film’s title, "Happy Ending," cleverly plays on the setting and themes but risks misleading audiences due to its colloquial connotations. Lastly, the subtitles often flash too quickly, a technical issue that, though minor, can detract significantly from viewer comprehension and enjoyment, particularly for those relying on them to understand the dialogue.

Final Thoughts

Despite these issues, "Happy Ending" remains a heartfelt exploration of youthful longing and the complexities of revisiting one's past. It beautifully captures the essence of personal growth and unresolved emotions through the simple yet profound narrative device of a diary. While there are areas where the film could improve, especially in terms of engagement and narrative execution, it offers a poignant piece that stirs emotions and invites reflection on our own "happy endings." For those who appreciate introspective, slice-of-life storytelling, "Happy Ending" provides a brief but memorable emotional journey.

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