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Exclusive Interview: Explore Springs of Ardor - A Full HD Adventure of Gay Romance

We had the pleasure of interviewing the creator of "Springs of Ardor"! Check it out to learn more about this exciting game and add it to your wishlist!

Springs of Ardor

Let's dive right in! What sparked the creation of "Springs of Ardor"? I'm curious how you wove together gay romance, humor, and a sprinkle of mystery to create such a vibrant gaming experience.

Springs of Ardor

Springs of Ardor is our first Steam game as the FullFrontalBeef team, and as such, we wanted this game to be light on drama. However, we were also looking for a "somewhat believable" plot reason for there to be plenty of nudity on display. For this reason, we decided to draw inspiration from the many nudist resorts located on several Spanish and Greek islands for our game. Add in a bit of humor and mystery influenced by Caribbean folklore, and we (hopefully) have a game that while still fantasy, has a somewhat grounded feel of not being entirely impossible.

Setting the scene in a nudist resort on a tropical island is quite bold! How does this unique backdrop amplify the storytelling and gameplay?

We aimed to recreate the sensation one experiences while on holiday, perhaps on a tropical island, where there's a distinct "feeling" within. Some might simply attribute it to feeling aroused, but upon deeper reflection, it's more nuanced than mere horniness. The sensation of being in an unfamiliar environment, the warmth of the sun beating down, and the consequent scantily clad attire of individuals—all these factors contribute to that distinct feeling. With Springs of Ardor, we tried everything we could to replicate that feeling. From sunny landscapes, all the scantily dressed (and very often naked) characters, to a soundtrack fitting to a tropical paradise.

With over 800 renders, the visual feast must be incredible. Could you share some behind-the-scenes insights on how these visuals come to life and how they enhance the narrative?

Springs of Ardor

I’ve modeled our game’s resort after photos of a small Spanish resort I’ve been to in the past. That was a small resort as well, with just a few rooms. The beauty of that place is what I tried to bring across to our game, with all the greenery and sunshine. But I’d also want to point out the care put in by talented musicians. I personally feel that the soundtrack really helps in immersing the player into actually being on a tropical island, with the tropical/Spanish vibes throughout the game.

Goals for you game?

Springs of Ardor

For our game to be successful enough, that we can afford to add animations back in. We originally had planned for most of the 18 sex scenes to include two animations each, but had to remove that from the plans due to time constraints. Animations are notoriously difficult to do well, could easily add months to the development time and some might even say they can be detrimental to a game if done wrong. But if the game is successful enough, we’ll definitely be adding them with a update later on.

What has been your favorite part about creating this game?

Seeing things come together as Hadrian (our programmer) could start doing his part, after I and our writer finally finished the story and all of the game’s 3d imagery.

Indie game development is known for its challenges and triumphs. What advice you have for new game creators?

Springs of Ardor

Play to your own strength. It’s okay to not being able to do everything yourself, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Often times, indie games fall apart due to the creators taking on too much work… too many things to learn as they go, for themselves. I’m a victim of this myself as well. Mind you, I’m not telling you to stop on learning. You should always keep learning and improving yourself. But for every project, you need to set realistic goals of “what do you need” to actually get the game released? If you decide to do a part you’re not good at, do you realistically think you can do it? In my case, I could spend hours trying to better myself in programming. I’d improve over time of course, and I’m not too terrible at it (I think). But compared to Hadrian, I’m a novice and would take much longer to get the same results. More times than you’d expect, there are people who would be more than happy to help you. Be that programmers, writers or musicians.

How would you pitch your game in one sentence!

A fun trip to a tropical island, with a non-stop barrage of sexy eye-candy everywhere you look!

Thoughts on our website Boys Love Universe? Any advice?

The existence of sites like the Boys Love Universe is important. There aren’t a lot of places people can get to read yaoi/bara game news. And if people can’t read about it, they won’t know it exists. Giving advice is always difficult, as I don’t know the specific goals and details, but you might want to expand the topic range a bit. Make it more like a gaming/comic news site from a yaoi/gay perspective? (If that makes sense)

Where can folks support your work?

Our main website is There you can also find plenty of gay comics and another game we’ve created. Each sale we make supports us (Hadrian and me, Timo) in spending less time working as freelancer and lets us work on FullFrontal more.



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