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BLits Games and "Jock Studio" raise over 200K on Kickstarter

BLits Games is known for Camp Buddy a Yaoi visual novel that changed the way people think about Yaoi gameplay back in 2018. But while your here, have you ever heard about Kickstarter campaigns blowing past their funding goals in just a few hours? Yeah, me too, but I bet you haven't heard of the Yaoi gaming industry doing the same, right? Let's talk about "Jock Studio".

BLits Games has been churning out some high quality Yaoi games for a while. Their latest masterpiece? "Jock Studio," a Yaoi visual novel that's got everyone talking and wallets flying open. They recently launched a Kickstarter for it and would you believe it - they racked up $200,000 in just a few hours! Yeah, you heard right - 200 grand!

BLits Games Jock Studio Animated Sequence

You might be wondering, what's the big deal about a game raising a lot of money? Well it is for the Yaoi community. We lack games and content. "Jock Studio" fills this gap. It's a college story revolving around our main guy, Ace Anderson. He's a bit lost, like most of us were when we first started college, and that's what makes this game so much fun. That and of course all the main coarse dishes of smutty jocks.

Jcok Studio About

As a player, you get to guide Ace through the unchartered territory of Olympus University, an all-boys sports college. Trust me, it's as chaotic and fun as it sounds.

Throughout the game, you meet the boys. There's Leo, the energetic soccer player; Avan, the swimmer and student council president who's all mystery; and others who you'll just have to discover on your own.

But why should we care about this? Well, beyond it being a damn good game demo, it's also a huge indicator of the rising popularity and demand for Yaoi and BL visual novels in the gaming community. We've got studios like BLits Games, Man Eater Games, and Y Press Games making some serious waves in the industry. The outpouring of support for these games on Kickstarter isn't just exciting; it's a loud and clear signal that Yaoi is only going to get bigger.

6 Pursuable Character Routes Jock Studio

The Kickstarter success is just the tip of the iceberg. Over here at Boys Love Universe, we've seen how Yaoi games can bring people together, spark joy, and inspire creativity. We've loved experiencing game demos like "Jock Studio," and we're stoked about the idea of contributing to this thriving genre. That's why we're not just playing Yaoi games; we're also working on our very own Yaoi visual novel - "I Married a Monster on a Hill." It's our little way of adding to this vibrant and growing Yaoi universe.

The success of Yaoi games on Kickstarter isn't just about the cash - it's way bigger than that. It's about acknowledging the power and potential of Yaoi as a genre. It's about celebrating the creativity and dedication of the Yaoi community. And it's about embracing the love and passion we share for Yaoi.


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