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10 Bara Games to Play this Valentine's Day

Ready to dive into some steamy Bara goodness this Valentine's Day? If you have no plans this year remember there are always the Bara hunks to keep you company. Here are 10 Bara games that are sure to heat things up in the most delightful ways. Let's get to it!

Need some love this Valentine's Day? Check out these 10 Bara Games!

Tales of Lorithel: The Bonds of Royalty Bara Game

Dive into a world of royal intrigue and forbidden romance in this linear visual novel. Follow Aetrian and Jarrod, a prince and his loyal servant, as they navigate a life they never expected. With 24,000 words and 15+ special CGs, it's a rich and engaging tale. Just a heads up: it's human/dragon and definitely on the spicier side.

Stranded Bara Visual Furry Novel

A survival story with a twist! After a plane crash on an unknown island, you must uncover secrets and forge relationships to survive. This visual novel is filled with choices that impact the story, adding a layer of excitement and danger. Be prepared for a mix of psychological horror and same-sex romance.

A playful NSFW minigame of rock, paper, scissors where the stakes are... well, clothes! It's a fun, sexy game with high-quality pictures and is available on multiple platforms. Plus there are several “I Dare You To Undress Me!” games to play and enjoy.

Hunky City Official Bara Game

Move to a new city and explore romance with a twist. This game offers a blend of work, friendships, and thrilling romantic adventures. It's a captivating journey for those who like a bit of intrigue in their romances.

A wild ride set in a park on a paradise island, this game includes a new multi-partner combat system and mini-games. It's a mix of humor, action, and, of course, a dash of romance.

Hachienden Bara Game

This novel-based RPG game features unique characters and enemies, with artwork by GorouNaoki. It's an engaging tale that will keep you hooked with its compelling storyline and stunning visuals.

Freezer Pops Bara Game

Play as a game developer student in Brazil, selling gourmet freezer pops to make extra money. It's a unique Brazilian adventure with 100+ scenes, multiple routes, and endings. A perfect blend of business and pleasure.

Epic Loads Guild Master Bara Game

An RPG with Gacha, Dating Sim, and Mini-games. Save the world of Testos from aliens and raise a band of handsome heroes. It's a heroic and heart-racing adventure with a twist.

Come for a Drink Bara Game

A queer visual novel where you befriend older men for... intriguing reasons. It includes relationship building, voice acting, and a unique setting in a martial arts school. A mix of friendship, romance, and martial arts – what's not to love?

Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS) Bara Game

A realistic coming-out-focused visual novel set in a midwestern university. Make friends, play board games, and maybe find a boyfriend. It's a touching and authentic portrayal of coming out and finding love.

So there you have it, guys. Whether you're into royal dramas, survival adventures, playful challenges, or heartfelt coming-out stories, there's something here for everyone. And hey, if you enjoy these games, don't forget to support the creators on their respective platforms. Happy gaming, and may your Valentine's Day be as exciting and romantic as these games promise to be!


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