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The Steddie Revolution: How Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson Took Over Tumblr

My name is Nash, and I've been writing about gay fandoms since early Tumblr days. Fanfics, fan theories, you name it. Now I'll be reviewing Tumblr Fandom Metrics per week and talking about the best BL canon and non canon ships out there. It's time to journey down the Stranger Things rabbit hole. Can we talk about the absolute shockwave that the Steve and Eddie alliance - or as Tumblr has lovingly christened it, Steddie - has sent through our fandom? If you're not already riding this wave, well, prepare for a serious tidal shift!

Stranger Things, with its mash-up of endearing characters and wild plot twists, has always kept us on our toes. But let's be real, the Steve-Eddie dynamic is something else entirely. It's like someone threw Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke and we're all just standing back, gawking at the spectacular eruption!

Let's rewind a sec: Steve Harrington. Oh, how our hair-envy guy has evolved! From stereotypical high-school jock to unlikely protector of Hawkins’ younglings, Steve’s journey made us realize that everyone has layers - even the cool kids with killer hair.

Enter: Eddie "The Freak" Munson. The outcast who turned the tables on us. Eddie is the chaos element that made our Stranger Things experience even stranger - and more thrilling. He brought his brand of rebel energy into the group, disrupting the dynamics and solidifying his place in our hearts.

And when these two collided? Fireworks. Sparks. The whole shebang! The Steddie chemistry is all about this shared journey from misfit to hero, from social pariah to the beating heart of the group. You just can't help but sit up and root for them. 'Vecna's Curse' and 'The Massacre at Hawkins Lab'? Pure, undiluted Steddie gold!

Tumblr is practically shaking with the Steddie shockwave. We're talking about an influx of fanart, emotional fanfiction, and a waterfall of posts dissecting and worshipping every shared glance and dialogue. It’s a Steddie tsunami, people!

Steddie’s charm lies in the unconventional bond they share, a friendship that busts through the walls of expected masculinity, spilling over with emotional depth and unwavering support. They’re the unassuming heroes who stepped up to the plate and showed us that not all knights wear shining armor.

In essence, the Steddie ship has become more than just a fandom obsession. It's a shout-out for more authentic friendships on screen, for narratives that shed the stale stereotypes and embrace emotional vulnerability.

Every Steddie moment is a piece in the puzzle, one that fans have delightedly pieced together to create an expanded, multilayered Steddie universe. It’s pure genius how the fandom has turned every blink-and-you-miss-it moment into a sweeping, heartfelt narrative.

So, here’s the lowdown: Steddie is a celebration. It’s a fan-driven creative rebellion, a rallying cry for unique heroes, and a plea for more genuine, emotionally engaging storytelling. It’s proof that even in a chaotic world like the Upside Down, friendships can emerge that not only defy the odds but steal the hearts of millions across the globe. Steddie, my friends, is more than just a ship – it's a revolution.

Share your favorite Steddie moments with us at BLU! We want to nerd out with you too.


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