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Sneak Peek of Wayfinder Update 1.9.4!

Exciting news from Lavan, the developer of Wayfinder! Here's a sneak peek of what’s coming in update 1.9.4, here on Boys Love Universe. LEARN MORE HERE

Special CGs and Variants


One of the major highlights in this update is a special CG featuring Biorn. While still a work in progress, this CG is set to enhance the visual storytelling of the game significantly.

New Sprite Asset


Biorn is getting a new sprite asset, giving fans a fresh and exciting look at the big adorable man~

Rewritten Day 5 Content and Bonus Chapter

The update brings a fully rewritten Day 5, including Biorn's hangout, which now features new scenes. Players can expect several new scenes that will expand the storyline further. Additionally, there will be a bonus chapter in the Wayfinder: Lost and Found section, providing even more content for fans to dive into.

While you wait, make sure to play version 1.9.3 if you haven’t already! Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the new content coming your way!

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