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Sing My Crush: A Boys' Love Symphony of Music, Dreams, and Hidden Desires

Heya it's Connie and I have a new BL to chat about! This one is called Sing my Crush. Now let's chat about the characters: Baram's this rockin' teenager with a passion for music and strumming his guitar! I mean, he's just a regular high school kid by day, but after school, it's off to private lessons with his awesome guitar guru, Sangin. This guy's not just a teacher to Baram, he's like a best friend who's been shredding those guitar strings for ages.

But wait, there's a twist. Baram's got this secret crush on Sangin. A full-on, heart-pounding crush!

So, there's this big audition coming up, right? Baram's all butterflies, but Sangin is there, giving him this super special guitar pick as a lucky charm. It's like a piece of his soul! Baram makes a promise to himself, like, 'If I nail this audition, I'm gonna tell Sangin how I really feel.'

Sing My Crush

Audition day hits, and Baram's jazzed up and ready to rock! But BAM! Some dude named Hantae crashes into him, and his guitar's smashed to pieces. Talk about bad luck! Baram's favorite pick is lost, and he's freaking out. Hantae feels bad and lends his guitar, but it's not the same, and Baram chokes and leaves the audition all teary-eyed.

Back with Hantae, Baram's all rage and blame, but that doesn't last long because Sangin's there with all this encouragement and positive vibes, man! So, Baram plays his audition song for Sangin, but then, he just goes for it and tries to kiss him! Whoa! But Sangin's not feeling it and pulls away, leaving Baram all embarrassed and running off.

Then, like some movie scene, Hantae shows up, returns that special pick, and becomes the comfort Baram needs. He's a friend, he's understanding, and he's just there when Baram needs someone. The story's all highs and lows, with tears and laughter, music and friendship, and a big dose of teenage drama and dreams. You just can't help but get caught up in it all!


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