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Review: 'This Is Love Part Two' - Breaking Barriers and Redefining Love with Fumi and Higashi!

Check out my review on "This is Love Part 1" HERE!

So, here we are, back with Fumi and Higashi in the second installment of their love saga. Today I am going to review Part Two. Check it out for yourself HERE! Doubts are creeping in, and Fumi's got those classic "Why do you even like someone like me?" jitters going on. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions, folks!

But here's where it gets interesting. Higashi starts pondering what it means to be in a same-sex relationship. It's a bit of an identity crisis moment for him, and Fumi's insecurities just add to the mix.

Oh, and then there's this cool twist: we dive into Higashi's sexuality. Turns out, he's somewhere on the asexual or demisexual spectrum. Things start making more sense, but it's also a learning curve for Fumi, who's got to wrap his head around loving someone with a different orientation.

This Is Love Part Two

And what's a love story without those three little words, right? "I love you" takes on a whole new meaning for these two. It's a journey of figuring out what that phrase really means to them and how it fits into their evolving relationship.

So, Part Two is all about self-discovery, questioning who you are, and learning to love and accept yourself and your partner in a world that can be a bit judgmental. Love knows no rules, and Fumi and Higashi are here to show us that. Stay tuned for more of their adventures in love and self-discovery!


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