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"Pride" (2014) - Gay Movie Review

Time to review some gay movies, because the old, the new, the classics, there are just so many to cover. So let me gush about "Pride (2014)" for a sec—it's basically like that warm, fuzzy blanket you wrap yourself in on a rainy day. Directed by the oh-so-skilled Matthew Warchus, this film throws us back to the '80s with a story that’s kind of unbelievable but totally true.

It’s about this eclectic bunch of gay and lesbian activists teaming up with miners in Wales. Guys, the way this movie juggles heartwarming scenes and seriously snappy laughs is nothing short of a feat. It never gets too sappy or feels like it's lecturing you.

"Pride (2014)" Trailer

The casting? Divine. Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West—they all just nail their roles, bringing so much humanity and relatability that you end up feeling like part of their crew. And Ben Schnetzer as Mark Ashton is just... swoon. He brings all this charm and depth that totally makes you root for him from start to finish.

Visually, "Pride (2014)" nails the '80s aesthetic to a T. The costumes, the settings—it's all spot-on, pulling you right into that tumultuous decade. And the music? It's like the perfect nostalgic backdrop, enhancing every scene to just tug at your heartstrings in the best way.

Why You Should Watch “Pride (2014)”

Okay, why should you absolutely not miss "Pride (2014)" ? Well, it’s a masterclass in balancing serious topics with a light-hearted touch. It’s both uplifting and touching, really making you feel every high and low alongside the characters. And it's not just a movie to make you feel good—it makes you feel everything. It celebrates triumphs in such a personal, intimate way that you can't help but feel involved.

This movie is a beautiful reminder of what can happen when diverse groups come together. It's about breaking down walls, building unexpected friendships, and showing just how transformative unity can be. It's witty, it's poignant, and honestly, it's just inspiring. "Pride (2014)" doesn’t just pass the time; it makes you cherish it, filling you with hope and a renewed belief in the power of community.

Whether you’re here for a slice of history, a good laugh, a few tears, or just a gorgeously told story about the power of coming together, "Pride (2014)" has got you covered. I mean, it left me cheering, crying, and just full of feelings. So, seriously, go watch it. It’s more than just entertaining—it’s a hug in film form. And who couldn’t use a hug these days, right? Trust me, your heart will thank you for this one.

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