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Pumpkin Days: Celebrating Male x Male Relationships, and I'm All Here for It!

As a die-hard yaoi fan and an avid Sims player, finding a game like Pumpkin Days is like striking gold. It's incredible to discover a simulation game that not only lets you craft your own character but also supports same-sex marriages. The feeling of inclusivity here is beyond words.

The fact that nothing is gender-locked and you can use body sliders to get just the look you want? Yes, please! Plus, the four different difficulty modes cater to every kind of player, whether you're in for a chill farming experience or ready for a real challenge.

The freedom to have same-sex relationships in Pumpkin Days gives it an edge over so many others. There’s no limitation on whom you can date or marry, It feels like the game really gets it – love is love.

Beyond the social aspects, the farming is top-notch. With over 90 crops and 60 flowers, there's always something new sprouting up. Choosing between towns to live in offers a fresh start each time, from tropical shores to cozy mountain retreats, each with its own unique residents and secrets.

Pumpkin Days

And then there’s the sheer range of activities. With over 100 fish types, 600+ recipes, a whole host of animals to raise and breed, and pets that bring you gifts, there's always something to do. Bug catching, mining, and house customization offer even more layers to your gameplay, allowing you to make your mark on the world in a variety of ways.

Pumpkin Days truly understands that being able to reflect your own identity and preferences in a game is a profound experience. It's a rich, engaging world that I can't wait to dive into again and again. So, to all my fellow yaoi fans and sim lovers, this is one you definitely don't want to miss out on!



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