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Jinx: A Gripping Manhwa That Will Leave You in Love

Everyone! Let me tell you about this totally mind-blowing #manhwa I just read on Lezhin called Jinx It's, like, the most intense and thrilling story ever!

Okay, so the main character, Dan, is seriously unlucky. He's got loansharks after him, a sick grandmother, and a terrible former boss. I would hate it too...But then, guess what? He gets this incredible opportunity to be a therapist for Joo Jaekyung, this super hot and super rich MMA fighter! And, oh my gosh, Jaekyung personally requests Dan's help, offering him a crazy amount of money, like five thousand dollars!


But here's the kicker: Jaekyung thinks he's cursed! Like, he needs this special kind of "treatment" to break the curse. Can you even imagine? And Dan, being all desperate for money, decides to go for it.

Not only is Jaekyung a beast in the ring, but he's, like, intense in the bedroom too. HAHAAH! Fan service yes~ Ahem, let's just say his primal desires are off the charts! So, Dan's not sure if he can handle all that raw passion. But fans totally can!


This manhwa is like, a risky journey that tests their limits and challenges everything they thought they knew about themselves. Will they break free from their cursed lives? Can Dan survive Jaekyung's crazy intensity? I need answers, people! (And yes I read it all the time when it comes out)

If you're into heart-pounding, steamy romance mixed with a touch of fate, you have to check out it out. Trust me, it's a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you breathless and begging for more! Happy reading, fellow fans!

About Jinx

Physical therapist Kim Dan has been down on his luck for as long as he can remember. Between an ailing grandmother, menacing loansharks, and an old boss making it almost impossible for him to find work, Dan is truly running out of options. Naturally, it feels like a dream come true when he’s finally hired to treat top-paid MMA fighter Joo Jaekyung, especially when the man then calls him out for a treatment the night before a match with an oh-so-tantalizing offer of five thousand dollars. He claims to have a “jinx” in need of a particular type of “treatment," but it's one that Dan isn't quite prepared to offer… You see, Jaekyung may be a beast in the ring, but he’s even rougher in the bedroom, and Dan’s not sure he can survive Jaekyung at his most primal. Nevertheless, the promise of much-needed cash has Dan agreeing to this ill-fated deal... Could a night together be the thing to help break this jinx once and for all?


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