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Introducing "Our Dating Sim": A Boys Love Show Packed with Nostalgia & Unexpected Twists!

Dive into the world of "Our Dating Sim", a Boys Love that truly is a MUST watch!

Lee Wan, a buzzing illustrator, just landed his dream gig with gaming start-up, RE: TRY. Exciting, right? But hold up! Enter Ki Tae (or "Eddy"), Wan's high school pal and the guy behind a super-awkward almost-kiss memory! They reunite after seven years!

Meanwhile, the office vibes are interesting. Wan, now rebranded as 'Ian', quickly finds allies in Jamie and Sunny, his new quirky colleagues. As they work together, team brainstorming sessions and coffee breaks become the highlights of Wan's days.

CEO Tae-oh is all for hiring Wan, dazzled by his artistry. So, Wan takes the plunge, even with the ghosts of high school lingering. He fits right into the casual gaming vibe, but oh, the tension with Ki Tae! Their past isn't just past, and the office feels every sizzle. But as time ticks on, unresolved feelings and professional challenges intertwine. Will Wan's passion for art help bridge old wounds, or will the memories be too much to bear? Check out all my reviews here on BLU!


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