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Interview with the Creator of "DESERT OF ASH: A Post-Apocalyptic Gay Simulator"

We had a fun interview with the creator of DESERT OF ASH: a Post-Apocalyptic Gay Sex Simulator! Be sure to read it to learn more about this game and what you can expect!

1. Tell us about DESERT OF ASH: a Post-Apocalyptic Gay Sex Simulator?

DESERT OF ASH: a Post-Apocalyptic Gay Sex Simulator is an adult visual novel that sees the player scavenging for vital supplies in the aftermath of a great fire that has rendered the planet an ashen wasteland. Along the way, they will meet a host of hot guys, many of whom will be interested in more than just trading for food. The player can engage with multiple men on any given path through the game, making it less of a dating simulator and more of a hook-up simulator—although a select few may catch feelings.

2. What are some tips you would give to people creating gay adult visual novel?

Stay true to your tastes. People’s sexual interests are varied and specific, and including a specific fetish will alienate as many people as it will draw in. The only way to make something you’ll be happy with is to make the stuff you find hot, not what you think anyone else will. With any luck, your players will be able to tell that your work is genuine.

3. Goals for your game?

DESERT OF ASH: a Post-Apocalyptic Gay Sex Simulator!

It is my hope that people who play DESERT OF ASH will not just get off to it, but also find a meaningful, character-driven story about the value of connections and relationships no matter what form they may take and no matter how fleeting they may be. But please, do also get off to it!

4. What are some of your success stories as a game dev?

What I am most pleased about is that two of my previous games have received some scholarly attention. Time Passed, a Twine game about coming to terms with a middle school crush, is included in a Michigan State University reference document on Twine as a game development tool; and A Vast and Lonely Desert, a Bitsy game about cowboys banished from their hometown, has been included in the curriculum for a University of New Hampshire course on digital literature. This suggests that these works are being enjoyed and discussed in a deep and substantive way, which is my greatest pleasure as a writer.

5. Where can people support your work?

DESERT OF ASH: a Post-Apocalyptic Gay Sex Simulator!

The most direct way is to follow me at or to add DESERT OF ASH to an collection via its page at You can also find accounts for me or the game on most major social media platforms!


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