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Go For It, Nakamura!! and Go For It Again, Nakamura!! - A Sweet and Funny High School Romance

High school crushes can be a real rollercoaster, and Syundei's Go For It, Nakamura!! and its sequel, Go For It Again, Nakamura!!, capture that ride in the most charming way. If you're into Boy's Love (BL) manga or just need something cute and relatable to read, these are perfect picks.

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Why Read Go For It, Nakamura!! and Go For It Again, Nakamura!!

Go For It, Nakamura!! and Go For It Again, Nakamura!! follow Nakamura, a shy, awkward kid who’s head over heels for his classmate, Hirose. Nakamura’s attempts to get close to Hirose are hilariously clumsy, making you laugh and cheer for him at the same time. The humor is on point on terms of Yaoi humor, and Nakamura's relatable struggles with his feelings are super heartwarming.

BL Tropes It Breaks and Sticks To

These books are a great mix of classic BL tropes with a fresh twist:

  • Sticking to Tropes: You've got the shy protagonist, unrequited love, and high school setting— all the regular BL stuff.

  • Breaking Tropes: Unlike many BL stories that get steamy fast, Nakamura’s story stays sweet and innocent. It's more about his internal struggles and the comedy of his clumsiness rather than rushing into romance.

Why Go For It, Nakamura!! and Go For It Again, Nakamura!! is Wholesome

Nakamura’s pure-heartedness is what makes these stories so wholesome. His genuine feelings for Hirose and his innocent attempts to get closer without expecting anything in return are just plain refreshing. It’s a light-hearted read that leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Why It's a Good Read for Bara Fans

Even if you’re more into Bara, you’ll find something to love here. The character development, humor, and nostalgic art style resonate beyond typical BL boundaries. It's a nice change of pace that shows love and attraction from a more innocent angle.

Simple, Relatable, and Real

The simplicity of these stories is what makes them stand out. The situations Nakamura finds himself in are everyday scenarios that many gay men can relate to—the fear of rejection, the anxiety of approaching someone you like, and the joy of small interactions. These relatable moments make Nakamura’s story so endearing.

Why I Enjoyed It

I picked up Go For It, Nakamura!! out of curiosity and instantly connected with Nakamura’s awkwardness. His inner monologues, filled with doubt and hope, brought back my own high school memories. The humor kept me hooked since it’s rare to find a story that mixes comedy and heartfelt moments so well.

Other Yaoi Manga It Relates To:

 The image is the cover of the manga "His Favorite" by Suzuki Tanaka. It features two characters in a close embrace. The character in the foreground has dark, spiky hair and a surprised or flustered expression, blushing with wide eyes. He is wearing a green school uniform. The character behind him, with blue hair and a calm, somewhat mischievous expression, is also dressed in a green school uniform. The blue-haired character is holding the dark-haired character closely. The background is decorated with pink and white flowers, adding a soft, romantic feel to the image. The title "His Favorite" is prominently displayed at the bottom in white text on a pink banner. The author's name, Suzuki Tanaka, is written below the title.

Poor Yoshida can’t catch a break. He’s the most awkward guy at school, and to top it off, he’s hated by all the girls. Why? Because the hottest guy around, Sato, uses Yoshida as his shield to turn them down. But if Yoshida is just an excuse, why does Sato keep teasing him about being “his favorite” when they’re alone? Could Sato’s feelings be more than just friendly? And seriously, what does he see in Yoshida, the ultimate awkward dork? Dive into the chaos as Yoshida’s world flips upside down, with plenty of laughs along the way!

 The image is the cover of the manga "Hitorijime My Hero" by Memeco Arii. It features two main characters in the foreground. On the left is a dark-haired character with a casual, slightly mischievous expression, holding a cigarette and wearing a white shirt with a loosened black tie. He has a pen in his shirt pocket and a piece of paper tucked in, giving off a laid-back yet authoritative vibe. On the right is a blond-haired character with a more reserved, thoughtful expression, wearing a similar white shirt. His right hand is raised to his face, brushing his cheek, and he wears a bracelet and a necklace, adding to his cool, edgy appearance.  The background is bright blue with various playful elements, including a bear with a crown and a ruffled collar, a toy chick in a cup, and star motifs. The title "Hitorijime My Hero" is prominently displayed in bold pink letters across the middle. The volume number and author's name, "No. 1 Memeco Arii," are placed at the bottom right. The overall design is vibrant and eye-catching, hinting at a dynamic and engaging story.

Masahiro Setagawa’s life is anything but sweet. Stuck running errands for a gang of street bullies, he’s given up on the idea of heroes. Enter Kousuke Ohshiba, a high school teacher with a reputation for cleaning up the streets. When Kousuke steps in to rescue Masahiro, things start to change. Despite his tough exterior, Kousuke might be just what Masahiro’s been looking for. As their relationship deepens, Masahiro realizes he might just need a hero after all, even one who prefers the bitter over the sweet. Get ready for a Yaoi romance where a good boy finds his unexpected hero in the most unlikely place!

Why to Overall check out Go For It, Nakamura!! and Go For It Again, Nakamura!! Even as Bara Fans

Go For It, Nakamura!! and Go For It Again, Nakamura!! are perfect for anyone looking for a sweet, funny, and heartwarming read. Nakamura’s story has humor, innocence, and genuine emotion. BL fans, Bara fans or just in the mood for a cute story, these books are definitely worth your time.

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