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A Vibrant Review of the Manhwa 'Love is an Illusion'

"Love is an Illusion" is an absolute roller coaster of a #manhwa! Our protagonist, Hye-sung, is a character that many readers will find themselves rooting for and is totally relatable. Now let's jump into some plot with no real spoilers!

Love is an Illusion

Hye-sung has the surprise revelation that he's an Omega, contrary to his lifelong belief of being an Alpha, adds an unexpected complexity to his character. The transformation he undergoes and his struggle with acceptance form the core of this plot. When Hye-sung crosses paths with Dojin, the story takes off, bringing forth a beautiful narrative of understanding, acceptance, and love.

The author has done a remarkable job of exploring the themes of identity and self-worth within this enticing storyline. Each chapter unfurls a new layer to the narrative, making it increasingly impossible to put down. Also, the art is amazing!

Love is an Illusion

In a nutshell, "Love is an Illusion" is a must-read manhwa! It takes you on a journey that, at its heart, is about learning to love and accept yourself for who you truly are. An absolute great piece of work! Check out my other reviews here on BLU!


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