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A Chat with BL artist and Webcomic creator Frostyshark

Today we had a chat with artist and creator Frostyshark! Be sure to check out their work HERE!

1. Frostyshark Tell us a little about yourself and work?

Hello! I’m Frostyshark! I’ve been making one of my BL comics, [Stay] since 2008! (And then more comics later). I literally started my own comic cuz there wasn’t enough smut in the BL manga I was buying, lol.

I work in both Traditional and Digital, often on the same piece. I love cute and bright colors, but (most of) my comics are very dirty and I have to warn people to not be tricked by the cover art!


2.Tell us about being an artist?

A little History:

I’ve always drawn since I was a kid, loved Lisa Frank. I even made these “color sheets” where I fill in colorful designs in crayons on a full page front to back. Then I saw my first Japanese manga, Sailor Moon, in 1997 and my world was changed! Started drawing more anime/manga style ever since, and started pursuing art in school as well, and I have a BFA in Painting and Drawing!

As far as Comics goes, I’ve been making my own comics since late 90, early 2000s, but they were just fun personal comics, then I made comics for my school newspaper. And then in 2008 decided to start my 18+ comic and post it online! While I do love to draw, it’s still a lot of hard work and studying, and practicing, and just making something even though it’s not perfect. I’m constantly honing my skills and learning new things!

3.What inspires your work?

So many things, often it’s other artwork, or media I watch, or anime cons I go to. Or even the need to please others (I’m a middle child, I can’t help it lol), I love making people happy with my art. I also like a challenge, creating a new piece or learning a new technique.

Lately, my inspiration comes from my own OCs that inspire my work, I come up with fun stories and scenarios with them, and I have a lot of them!


4.What does pride month mean to you?

First! I loooove Rainbows, the best colors! So I recently figured out a few years ago I’m Aro/Ace! So I still feel a little imposter syndrome including myself in Pride, but I love that I get to see other people celebrate!!

5.Where can people support your work?

I have a regular art accounts here:

And a separate BL/NSFW accounts here:

My Current on going comics are:

- [Stay] (18+) – read for free only on y!Gallery, print version available in my store.

- Sunny Side Up (SFW), on Tapas, and print version in my store

- And I have regular porn w/o plot one shots I upload on my subscription sites, gumroad, or even print versions in my store!

I also have a monthly lewd sticker club on patreon or subscribestar!

(So there’s a lot going on)

6.Tell us about anything you want! Can be something you are working on, something positive, or something totally random!

Currently working on several upcoming comics, one’s a short with a cute Dragon Boy, and a friend’s OC, a giant Jackal Boy! Then working on a semi long comic about a ghost!

--- Contact us HERE to share your experiences, showcase your work, or simply geek out about all things BL. Let's keep the magic alive and thriving!


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