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What Jock Studio & BLits Games Fans Really Want

Alright, Nash, let's spill the damn tea already. It looks like the fans want BLits to go full throttle into Kinkytown. I asked around the the r/JockStudio SubReddit under All Ages of Geek) and we've got our answers on what the community and players want from BLits! People loved the innocence of Camp Buddy (well not that innocent), sure, but Jock Studio? They want it rougher, dirtier, and way more daring. Everyone's ready to graduate from "extreme hand-holding" to—well, let your imagination run wild.

Now, we've also got the story snobs—and hey, I'm one of them. No shade. What's the point of a 18+ game if the story doesn't hook you, right? So people are aching for some deep, meaningful character arcs outside of just the smut.

What else? Oh yeah, the pairing mechanic! Fans are lovin' the idea that love interests can get it on with each other and not just the MC. So it's not just about you—you're not the sun, hun. And let's be real, the whole "characters can be switches" idea? Genius. People wanna flip the script and have the power to control the experience.

The demo? Seems like it's been giving everyone a good tickle so far. There's buzz about customization options, dynamic relationships, and everyone's intrigued by what kind of backgrounds and...ahem bulges, Avan and Yuuto are packin'.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 1

reii-_-, I feel you. Gameplay features? Hell yes. It's not just about who's in your bed; it's about the journey.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 2

Ackkkermanzz, you're talking my language. Avan is a goddamn enigma, and we want to see all his shades, especially when it comes to his "choices" and dynamics.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 3

chocobutternate, BigLenny93, mgfrdya, PastelJeanJoth—we get it, characters are the lifeblood. We want layers, dammit!

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 4

dododomo, you're on it with the settings. I want to choose where the magic happens, not just with whom.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 5

TrainingDrop9283, I get what you're saying about the Camp Buddy cameos, but a guy can dream, right?

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 6

Xandara2, you're like the zen master here. We go for the horny but stay for the feels. Simple. Elegant. True.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 7

Comfortable_Roof8576, you're asking the real questions. How do you balance filming porn with relationships? That's a tightrope, my friends.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 8

bystander__11037, ah, the shipper. Who doesn't love playing Cupid? And making it a feature? Genius.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 9

LeeRoy723416, you're my MVP. That was like a wish list for Christmas! Filming sets? BDSM dungeon? Sign me the hell up!

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 10

moneyshot6901, you get right to the point. Sex scenes. Hell, yeah! But not just any, we want quality, we want variety, and it looks like Derek, Zane, and Bryce might just bring that.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 11

drkjerius nailed it when it comes to character development. We're all in agreement, right? We're not here just for a quickie; we want a story we can sink our teeth into. And yeah, voice acting better be on point!

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 13

waytowill, you're preaching to the choir, bud! It's like a greatest-hits album of all the good stuff in BL games. But that pairing mechanic? That's the killer feature, hands down.

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 14

fuyu-no-hanashi, yeah, we need more kinks. Camp Buddy was cute and all, but we want leather, handcuffs, the whole nine yards!

Jock Studio SubReddit Comment 15

JockstrapCummies— Extreme hand-holding indeed. Cute. But let's not lie; we all want a bit more "hands-on" action.

Thanks so much for getting this far. I love asking people why they are looking forward to games and just Yaoi content in general. Also fun news! Boys Love Universe is launching a Patreon, and it's not just about us—it's about creating a space where we can give back to the creators, the writers, and the unsung heroes who keep this Universe spinning.

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I mean, can you imagine? More writers joining our ranks, bringing new perspectives to the table? More badass reviews, juicier stories, and more of the raw, unfiltered content you've come to love and expect from us. We can make Boys Love Universe the epicenter of all things BL, but that's not gonna happen on good vibes alone.

Our goal, be uncensored and be fueled by love.


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