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The Unspoken Ass-ets of the Seme

Yaoi/BL relationships are established by two different terms. We have our tall, broad, masculine seme who acts as the top. And then we have our smaller, affectionate, almost feminine-like (though not always) uke, our brave bottom. The seme/uke dynamic does not reflect real life (a lot of gay couples usually identify as versatile rather than total tops and bottoms), but it does provide characterization of the gay couple in BL stories.


When it comes to physical traits, we expect an emphasis on two body parts based on the character’s sexual role in an 18+ story. For the seme, a lot of focus is on his huge penis. For the uke, his juicy bubble butt. But what if I told you that the seme can have a great ass too! Shocker, right?! You would think that a seme’s butt does not need a lot of attention, but I argue that it’s his most important asset (pun very much intended). It’s true that there would be more focus on the uke’s ass (it is the object of desire for the seme, after all), but even the seme’s cakes deserve love!


Apart from being a sexual trait, a butt is an important muscle, and the largest in the human body. Buttocks keep us standing upright. They act as a cushion when we are sitting down. And they propel ourselves forward when walking or running.


Outside of function, there are a lot of reasons why we love asses. For a seme, having a nice firm ass represents how strong he is, physically. It’s as if we can tell that the seme did a lot of squats and glute exercises so he can be strong enough to be there for his uke. Not to mention it makes great eye candy for the reader, and we just wanna feel those round buns in our hands! Who doesn’t love a nice full moon (or two)? And when the couple are engaging in sex, it looks hot seeing the seme’s butt as he pounds the uke! The images may be still, but we can still imagine seeing the pelvic thrusting in action. To the audience, it’s a voyeuristic treat!


To prove my point, here are some yummy, ripe peaches to feast our eyes on!

Glenn McQueen (Walk on Water by Jang Mokdan & JAXX – Lezhin Comics)

Gotta put on a good show when you work in gay porn!

Dr. Han (Love Me, Doctor! by ANA – Lezhin Comics)

The doctor recommends 🍑 and 🍆 for the uke to have a healthy mind and body.

Calix Elle Ward (Pian Pian by HAESIN – Lezhin Comics)

I’d do the same thing.

Jongchan Kim (The New Recruit by MOSCARETO & ZEC – Lezhin Comics)

Showering with your boyfriend is steamy foreplay!


Priapus by Mentaiko Itto (Irodori Comics)

Yes, I’m aware Priapus tops and bottoms, but it still counts!

Kwon Mu-gyeol (Top to Bottom by CheongYeong & Samrang – Lezhin Comics)

Even a seme with a butt fetish deserves a “nice ass” compliment!

Mignon by Bboungbbangkkyu (ABJ Company)

Rare to see a BL anime get this explicit, but this is a step in the right direction.


Seonho Han (Hyperventilation by Bboungbbangkkyu - TOKYOPOP)

Whether you read the manhwa or saw the anime, this is a very sensual shot.


Caius (The Titan’s Bride by ITKZ – Coolmic & Seven Seas Entertainment)

Too bad the anime adaptation didn’t go this explicit…

Vicar (I Was Reborn as the Villainess’Father and I Need XXX to Survive?! By Cocoon Production – Lezhin Comics)

Even a wizard can work his magic in bed!

Kang Daehyung (On or Off by A1 – Tappytoon and TOKYOPOP)

Hot muscular men with firm asses don’t need a towel!

Kataou (Embracing Love by Youka Nitta - SuBLime)

Embrace that ass!


Kang Hyun-woo (You Get Me Going by MOSCARETO and Oh DoYeon – Lezhin Comics)

I want to see this every time a naked guy gets out of bed!

Yosef (Love so Pure by Plan B - Tapas)

Are his arms or ass supporting the uke in this position? You decide.

Kwon Haebeom (Our Sunny Days by Jeong Seokchan – Lezhin Comics)

That towel looks too small to wrap around his waist.


Han Juwon (High Clear by Yoon Byul – Lezhin Comics)

I live for these shower images!

Aiden (Bend Over Backwards by LattePanda – Lezhin Comics)

He’s got an appetite for a different kind of dessert.

Duke Carlyle (The Duke and the Tutor by MEPI – Lezhin Comics)

All homes should have bathtubs this big for all couples!

Kylot Hugo (Bane of My Existence by Nellikang – Lezhin Comics)

Now this is a tabletop game I want to play.

Joo Jaekyung (Jinx by Mingwa – Lezhin Comics)

Yes, I know. Jaekyung is a terrible human being, but that hot MMA butt is still gorgeous.

Seonho Shin (Oh! My Assistant by MILA and YALGAE – last licensed by Lezhin Comics)

“Seonho, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” (had to borrow a line from Titanic)

Dick Maximillian (Make Me Sweat by Jungkun & Wansukbanana – Lezhin Comics)

I know what it looks like, but believe me, Dick is a top.

Jung Ho-in (Lucky Paradise by Kangneuk – Lezhin Comics)

He forgot his clothes! Not that we’re complaining.


Mr. Jeong (Punch Drunk Love by MOSCARETO & OKDONG – Lezhin Comics)

No, not the Adam Sandler-led/Paul Thomas Anderson-directed movie.

Hyo-un (Dawn of the Dragon by Ma jeung ji – Lezhin Comics)

I want to ride that dragon!

Yoon Seong-hyun (Blood and Love by Haesun – Lezhin Comics)

Now this is the vampire romance I can obsess over!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Grayson, did you just make an article just to drool over men’s asses? Maybe…? I think we need to have a gallery feature on this website. I will follow up with the editor.


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