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Otto's Bold Evolution: Meet His Bara Alter Ego Our Little Mascot Turns BIG!

Hey folks, guess what? Our little mascot, Otto, just got a bara makeover! It's all thanks to the awesome artist, HoTdoug. Otto was originally created by Corythec as our adorable mascot, but now he's rocking a Bara look!

Bara Otto

Keep an eye out for the next Otto transformation – it's bound to be a blast!

Bara Otto

Otto's Bara design Sketch to finish!

About Otto Talonrift

Otto Talonrift is the ideal mascot for the Boys Love Universe community. His irresistibly sweet and energetic personality perfectly mirrors the brand's inclusive and amicable nature. As a mascot, Otto passionately introduces the joys of Boys Love media to fans and newcomers, while also encouraging everyone to bond over their favorite stories, characters, and moments. With a mission to create a warm, welcoming environment for all Boys Love enthusiasts, Otto helps facilitate open discussions, fosters creativity, and inspires passion within the community. Personality: -Super sweet and full of -Loves lending a helping hand to -A devoted fan of Boys Love media, always eager to chat about -Advocates for inclusivity, kindness, and -Open-minded and non-judgmental, embracing all members of the community Goals: -Spread love and friendship, creating meaningful -Share the excitement of Boys Love media with fans and newcomers -Foster a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere for Boys Love -Encourage open conversations and exchanges about favorite Boys Love stories, characters, and moments -Ignite creativity and passion within the community, inspiring others to share their love for Boys Love


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