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New to BL Manhwa? Start Your Obsession with These 3 Beginner-Friendly Picks

Here are three easy reads for those of you looking to get into #manhwa!

"A Man Like You" by Waje


ABOUT: "Go Siwon's dreams are constantly visited by the clever, beautiful Kang Jinha. In the dream, Jinha keeps on mentioning this "incident" that happened between them but Siwon can't remember anything! And how can it feel so real? Luckily for Siwon, hints about the "incident" start to appear and Siwon is able to regain his memory bit by bit. How will their relationship change at the end of it all?" (Source wiki)

"Cherry Blossoms After Winter" by Bamwoo


ABOUT: "From living under the same roof to then being classmates?! Ever since his parents passed away, Haebom has been living in Taesung's house. And now, being a 12th grader, he enters the same class as Taesung, which makes the whole situation way more awkward. Living together 24/7, Taesung, and Haebom's relationship is bound to change." (Source Wiki)

"Here U Are" by D. Jun


ABOUT: "Registering the newcomers is a task for YuYang, and he ends up helping the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the kind of person that does everything to be disliked. But after better knowing each other, he discovers that the giant isn't that bad of a person at all ." (Source Wiki)

Those are just three recommendations for those just getting into Manhwa! Check out my longer reviews here on BLU!


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