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Creator Spotlight: Interview with Alula Fan Fic Writer!

In this fun article, we unveil the secrets of the fanfiction realm and bring you an exclusive interview with none other than Alula, a brilliant BL fanfic writer who has captivated readers with their storytelling skills. Let's dive into the creative mind of Alula!

1.Tell us about your writing?

I primarily write adult fan fiction that centers around the current fandoms that I am a part of; currently, I’ve had serious SVSSS (Scum Villain Self-Saving System) brain rot.

Scum Villain Self-Saving System

2.What inspires your work?

Scenes in shows, music, real life… I get inspiration from everything! Music for sure provides the most inspiration though (especially for titles)

3.What are some of your favorite m/m ships to write about?

I’m a sucker for size difference and age gap. I tend to write these two tropes the most, though I also love class differences as well (master/servant for example).

4.What advice would you give to new fan fiction writers?

Just write it! I think we get too in our heads sometimes and the only way to get the story out is to write it. Remember that the first draft is the /first draft/– you’ll have a chance to make it perfect through editing after you’ve gotten it on the page.

5.Do you have plans for pride month?

I plan on supporting queer artists and writers this year through commissions.

6.What are you working on for 2024?

That’s a good question… *stares at BingQiu band au*

7.Share something fun with our readers! Can be anything!

I’ve been writing since I was in the fourth grade

8.Where can people support your work!

You can find all my links on my carrd ( and my commissions and tarot readings are open through my ko-fi (!


Are you itching to join the fun? If you're a BL fanfiction enthusiast or an aspiring writer bursting with ideas, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us HERE to share your experiences, showcase your work, or simply geek out about all things fanfic. Let's keep the fanfiction magic alive and thriving!


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