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A Chat with BL Artist and Webcomic Creator Blair Fujin

Today we had a chat with artist and creator Blair Fujin! Be sure to check out their work HERE!

1.Blair Fujin Tell us a little about yourself and work?

I'm Blair Fujin (or Animefanka on sites that didn't let me change my username), 29 year old aroace transmasc enby potato from Poland. I'm a level designer making mobile games for bored housewives by day and I create anime-styled gay porn in the evenings. Currently I'm working on 3 ongoing webcomics (I can't focus on just one thing): BDSM Boys - around 5 years ago I decided to make some dedicated porn ocs and I started thinking about them... Now, I've got over 250 pages of these two going through their lives, dating and sometimes tying each other up; Vampire Prince - a reboot of a comic I was making in middle-high school, heavily inspired by D.Gray-Man but... with vampires and nearly everyone being queer; Horny Hell - my "now that I don't have to commute to work because of pandemic and have more free time I should do something to keep myself too occupied to be worried" project and a way to finally do something with all those demon ocs I've accumulated over the years - just a simple slice of life romance but taking place in hell.

And each year in summer I temporarily become a visual novel dev and make a game for Yaoi Game Jam. So far I've created 4 short games and 1 (sadly) abandoned demo.

2.Tell us about being an artist?

All kids draw when they're little (at least all the ones I went to kindergarten with did, maybe those that stay at home don't...) but most stop at some point. I never did. Drawing has just always been the most natural way for me to get ideas swirling around in my head out of it. And there are many of those... Way too many, especially with how much free time and energy I have.

Blair Fujin

3.What inspires your work?

Pretty much all the media I consume. I read a manga or a webcomic, play a video game, remember some obscure show that aired when I was little and only people from 3 random countries on earth remember, I digest it for a month or two and a scene appears in my head, then I come with a next one, start thinking more about the characters in those scenes, where they come from, why did they act this way and help, another story I have to put on the back burner is born.

4.What does pride month mean to you?

It is mostly a reminder that I'm not alone and a time to recharge my hope-battery, something really needed when living in this country... I won't lie, I am jealous of people whose biggest worry is flag discourse.

Blair Fujin

5.Where can people support your work?

I've got a carrd with all the links where to find me - getting any comments and knowing that there are people who my ideas are actually reaching means a lot. And for those who would like to support me monetarily, I've got patreon where I offer early access to BDSM Boys and Horny Hell and uncensored version of the latter, as well as a monthly patron-voted illustration. And all my visual novels are under pay-what-you-want model on itch

6.Tell us about anything you want! Can be something you are working on, something positive, or something totally random!

Ok, I lied about 3 webcomics, there's a 4th one but it's barely started and I'm working on it only on weekends when I feel like it so... it won't be out for a while but my yaoi jam visual novel for this year will be connected to it. It will be about a trans aroace sorcerer getting comforted by a demon he summoned and have been living with (Horny Hell wasn't self-indulgent enough for me). So, if it picks anyone's interest, keep your eyes open for this year's yaoi jam submissions (and check the ones from previous years, there are loads of cool little games there).


Contact us HERE to share your experiences, showcase your work, or simply geek out about all things BL. Let's keep the magic alive and thriving!


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