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3 Bara Manga Artists You Need to Support

Hey everyone, it's Nash, and today I'm diving deep into the world of Bara Manga (again). I'm sharing my personal insights on some of the most influential bara artists out there. Each of these creators brings something great to the table, and I'm here to tell you all about it. I’ll also be reviewing the works by these creators in later articles so if there are any recommendations you have, let me give it a go!

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3 Bara Manga Artists You Need to Support

Starting with Mentaiko, this artist has a knack for blending various themes like comedy, fantasy, drama, and romance into his yaoi works. His art collections and doujinshis are amazing. His works, including titles like "Entwine" and "Priapus," showcase a range of emotions and scenarios, making them a must-read for any bara fan​​​​.

Tagame is a name that resonates deeply in the bara community. Known for pushing boundaries with themes of BDSM and S&M, he’s been a pivotal figure in gay manga since the '80s. But what sets Tagame apart is his ability to write stories that are not only explicit but also emotive and profound. His work "My Brother’s Husband" is a perfect example, offering a story that's almost entirely safe for kids and remarkably different from his usual fare. This work, in particular, has garnered wide praise and showcases Tagame's depth as an artist​​.

Matsu's journey from mainstream shōnen manga to gay manga is as fascinating as his art. He’s known for depicting "happy guys," a refreshing contrast to the often darker material in bara. Praised by fellow artists like Tagame, Matsu's work is characterized by fun, playful sex with an emotional depth that's hard to find elsewhere. His contributions to the anthology "Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It" and his English-language anthologies like "More and More of You and Other Stories" are essential reads for those exploring the lighter side of bara​​.

If you love intense, thought-provoking stories by Tagame, the vibrant and diverse stories of Mentaiko, or the light-hearted, emotional depth of Matsu's work, there's something in the bara world for everyone. Dive in, explore, and maybe discover a new favorite artist along the way. Also please, please, please recommend some more bara for me to review to check out. Would love to feature them all here on Boys Love Universe.


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